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3-Line LCD Display
24 Flexible CO Buttons
Digital Speakerphone
Specifications LCD 24digits x 3 lines Character
LCD Backlight -
LCD Contrast Control 4 levels
Handset/SP-phone Volume Control H/S:4,SP:12
Ringer Volume Control Electrical Vol. (H-M-L-UL-OFF)
Message/Ringer Lamp Yes*(Dual-colored LED Green & Red)
Whisper OHCA Yes
D-XDP Yes*(When connected KX-NT307, DT301. D-XDP can not be used)
Headset Jack (Ø2.5mm) Yes
Auto Redial Yes
Off-Hook Monitor Yes
Handset/Headset Mic Mute Yes
Speaker Phone Mic Mute Yes
Phone Directory Yes
Feature Access Yes
(Out-going) Call Log Yes
(In-coming) Call Log Yes
Melody Ringer 10 titles
Option Unit Connention KX-DT301 USB Module -
KX-NT303 Add-on 12 Key Module -
KX-NT307 Bluetooth® Module -
KX-DT390 60 DSS Console Yes



  • Alphanumeric Display
  • 12 Programmable CO/Feature Keys
  • Message/Ringer Lamp
  • Navigation Key
  • Speakerphone with LED Indication
  • Headset Compatible


Panasonic KX-TS560



  • Caller ID Compatible*
  • 50 Phonebook
  • Ringer Indicator
  • Navigator Key
  • Call Restriction
  • Mute
  • 2-Line LCD Display
  • Dial Lock
  • One touch Redial
  • Wall Mountable


Number of Line 1 line
Redial Memory 20-Station
One Touch Redial Last One
Phonebook Name Input English (50 Entries)
Pulse / Tone Setting Programmable
Pulse / Tone Default Tone
Flash Time Programmable
Flash Time Default 600 ms
Insertable Pause 3.5 s
Handset Receiver Volume 4-Step
Call Restriction Programmable (0 or Up to 2 digits)
LCD Dot x 16 digits 7-Seg x 8 digits + Pict
LCD Language (Menu Selection) English only
LCD Contrast 4-Step
Caller ID
Private Name Display Required Registration in Phonebook
Caller ID Memory 50-Station
Power Source 3 x AA and Line
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 196 x 190 x 95
Weight (g) 665

* Requires subscription to Caller ID service Please check with local telephone company for details and availability.

Panasonic KX-TSC11


  • 1 Line
  • Call display compatibility*
  • 50 Station call display* memory & dialer
  • 50 Station phone book & dialer
  • 20 redial numbers
  • Visual call waiting*
  • Selectable LCD menu languages (English/French)
  • Phone company voice mail compatibility*
  • 1 Ringer pattern
  • Navigator key
  • Wall mountable

* Requires subscription to Call Display, Call Waiting and/or Voice Mail services. Please check with your local telephone company for details and availability.

Panasonic KX-TS505MX


  • Redial Memory (Last Number)
  • Electronic Volume Control
  • Timed Flash
  • 3-Step Ringer Selector
  • Switchable Tone/Pulse settings

Colours: Black / Red / Grey / White / Dark Blue

[NB] Perangkat telepon ini adalah perangkat telepon seri paling murah dari Panasonic.